Telecom Consultants - TCOVA Oy

Our Expertise
Telecom Consultants has since 1994 delivered consulting and projects to established or startup operators, service providers, equipment manufacturers and system integrators world-wide in Telecommunications space.

We can provide on request basis some of the best industry professionals in IT and Telecom industries with years of experience in the best of breed implementations. These persons are available from us and a world-wide pool of the resources of our vendor independent partners. They have worked practically in all positions in IT and Telecom companies.


Our Deliveries
Our deliveries have always been successes. We're specialised in Business Processes, BSS/OSS integration, Business, Service, Network and Element Management systems and integration for all telecom technologies.

We've helped many companies in their product designs and business process definition work and applied TMF TOM/eTOM models, NGOSS Architecture, SID and other data models in practice.

We've consulted/designed/implemented full BSS/OSS Architectures for a number of Operators/Service Providers, Network design and management solutions for wireline, wireless, broadband, satellite, transmission, cable/HFC and IP networks, designed NGN solutions for broadband IP access and All-IP Core network systems for major network vendors.

We've worked as consultants and BSS/OSS system architects for a number of startups and incumbent operators. Our consultants have worked with more than 5 major SI's in integration projects.